Our company is taking care of all kinds of speakers including those ones which are no longer available in any store. We can deal with any brand and size of the speaker as long as the parts are available.

We have our own methods to restore a once expensive, old speaker to a almost perfect condition. Not all repairs are done using the whole repair kit – we are able to replace individual parts such as: The coil (we do rewrap the coils with completely new, high quality resistance wire), dust cover, surround suspension, spider and the cone. We can also fix magnets which have broken off of the plate and regenerate old, faded cones.

We have great experience in fixing loudspeakers however we do not repair  any speaker housings or amplifiers.

This is how speakers look like when given to amateurs.  These photos are showing before and after visiting our workshop.
After the repair it looks completely different. The customer could not believe it.
Tweeter, we replaced the cone neck fill and coil
The coil is already in place
There is a loudspeaker with damaged suspension (surround) and a defective dust dome
Already repaired
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